April 15, 2019


Liberal Integration Foundation along with the Movement for Rights and Freedom issued a book “Identity and Integration” with author Samuel Levi.

This book puts a number of questions and gives unusual answers and comments, which are part of the ongoing debate for the future of united Europe.

Does the very meaning of identities require differentiation from others?

Is external identity requires a proses of separation?

Is the lately promoted slogan “Europe of nations” promotes the need of external identity, typical for 19 century?

What is the role of religion identity in the context all inner identities?

Did Europe learn its historical lessons about the identity and integration?

Can the poor memory of history help us for migrants’ integration?

Is it time to write a common history of the EU?

The creation of a new postmodern meta-identity, open to socio-cultural differences. Not an easy task! Is it possible?

Does the technological development of humankind will bring the need to upgrade the meta-identity to even higher level?

You can also find interesting thoughts about Ethno cultural borders of the Balkans and not only and about the role of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and its Honourable Chairman Ahmed Dogan in the proses of peace integration in Bulgaria.

You can download the entire book from here

Pleasurable reading!